KPA6T : innovation serving freight companies

Our mission

All transport sectors are concerned: long-distance and regional road transport, local and urban distribution.

KPA6T was developed by listening to your needs.

KPA6T has chosen to act principally in the areas which are key to improving the efficiency and profitability of companies in the freight industry :

  • Optimization of the use of transport capacities
25 %
  • Automation of operations
30 %
  • Route efficiency
40 %
  • Improving communication between the various parts of the company
30 %

«Because we come from the world of transport, we understand the constraints and challenges of this difficult industry, which is key to the smooth operation of our societies. Our aim is to provide road transport professionals with a tool which is truly adapted to their needs, designed for them and with them. More than a simple piece of software, KPA6T provides real management assistance to transport companies.»


KPA6T brings together a team of professionals from the road freight transport sector

Laurent Bessy - KPA6T
Laurent Bessy
  • MSc in Telecoms (Britain, France) - Centrale School Lyon
  • Supply chain expert
  • 9 years sales management at Volvo/Renault Trucks
Gregory Dupuis - KPA6T
Grégory Dupuis
Director General
  • MSc IS/IT, MBA Insead Business School (Paris, France), EM Lyon (Business School Lyon, France)
  • 5 years consulting
  • 15 years at Volvo Group (process, sales, strategy, after sales, international programs)
Antoine Gerbaud - KPA6T
Antoine Gerbaud
  • Ph.D. in Mathematics
  • ENS Cachan school (Paris)
  • 10 years in big data, stats and complex algorithms

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