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Our aim is to help you carry out your activities and to simplify your drivers’ lives, through the use of a professional and innovative digital assistant. We constantly listen and strive to be in tune with your real needs. The various KPA6T modules have been designed to be understood quickly and to be highly user-friendly. Here are just a few things transport professionals have said after using this solution.

At first, I didn’t want to digitalize my company. After a test period, I realized that KPA6T was easy to use and very helpful. Now I’m able to manage my clients efficiently thanks to the time won

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Yves C.

KPA6T is definitely a must-have. With the main screen, I can handle all my activities, wherever I am, as it requires only a web connection and a browser

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Bertrand D.

I increased my company productivity, and I can now focus myself on my core business activities

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Sylvain T.

KPA6T skills and expertise helped me out and brought us a real added value. I now come back home earlier everyday (and cool!)

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Sylvie R.

Our business was growing fast, and it was difficult to adapt the processes and the organization at the same pace. KPA6T helped me to organize our daily tasks very efficiently, and together we set up quickly a new organization while increasing my customers loyalty

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Bruno M.

While I was spending more and more time on daily tasks, thanks to KPA6T I can now plan, manage and handle everything and I have more time to take care of my clients

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Marine V.