The solution : learn more

The solution : learn more

KPA6T accompanies your daily activity

In the morning

View the entire schedule of your day and the assignments you make to your drivers.

Throughout the day

Keep in touch with your drivers and drive your activity of the day in real time: deliveries, disputes, delays…

Keep in touch

Simplify your exchanges and the work of your drivers with the mobile application that allows them to have on the ground an updated roadmap in real time.

At the end of the day

Easily check your transport documents and invoices generated automatically. Transfer them to your customers quickly and without errors.

The evening

Immediately view the dashboard of the profitability of your day.

The KPA6T app

  • KPA6T helps you manage all your activities : planning, management, invoicing, etc.

  • A digital assistant available anytime and anywhere.

  • Tools which are accessible in SaaS mode.

  • Data hosted in France, and secure.

L'application mobile KPA6T

  • Available on Android.

  • Easiest communication with your drivers

  • Roadmap updated in real time

  • Real time business management from field date

  • Litigation management.